Best tips to date a cougar woman

Are you looking for a cougar woman to date or already find a cougar woman and all set to go out on your first cougar date? Wait; do you know how to date a cougar woman? Did you ever date any older woman before in your entire life? If no, make sure you are not wasting the opportunity to date an older woman because if you are not up to the standards of your cougar dating partner, it’s quite sure she won’t give you the second chance or kick you out of her life.

Dating a cougar woman isn’t an easy thing and you won’t do the same thing that you are used to do with teen age girl to impress her. Cougar woman are mature and they are experienced. They already have the best and the worse sex experience in her life. If you really want to date her for a long term or want to fulfill your fantasies you must make her feel special and there is something new and excited in you so that she would love to spend time with you.

Here are few but important dating tips for cougar woman. In order to have a successful cougar date or fulfill your sexual fantasies, follow these essential tips –

Avoid the word C – dating with a cougar woman isn’t meaning that you can say anything to her. Everyone owns a self respect and cougar woman especially won’t take this lightly if you are disrespecting her in any way. Using the word ‘C’ for your cougar date is strictly not acceptable and you must not use this word especially when you are dating a cougar woman.

Avoid doing comparison of your cougar date to your mom – it’s quite okay that your dating partner and you mom shares the same age group but when you actually going to date an older woman, it’s better not to compare her with your mom. This will ruin your date and you will also disappoint her. It may cost to your dating and you may lose her too.

Don’t be her puppy – most young cub’s do all the things what their cougar dating partner tell them and that is because they don’t want to lose her. But this is not correct, you don’t need to be her puppy and do everything what she said. If you are not comfortable what she is saying to her, you must know how to say no to your dating partner. For example, if your cougar woman is making plan to go out with you and you have some better idea than her, don’t be afraid or feel shy to share your views. Its okay that she is older than you but you are dating her and when you are dating someone, you both are equally important in a date.

Older women dating is fun and full of excitement if you are doing the things in a right way. Follow these tips and tricks if you are looking for an amazing cougar dating relationship with your cougar woman.