Things not to do when you are dating a young guy – Cougar dating

There are many articles that describe the best tips and tricks about dating older women but there are few things that every cougar women must also take care when she is dating a young cub. In cougar dating, it is quite obvious that she is in a driving seat and takes all decisions in cougar dating. Beside this, there are several other things too that she must know while going out or stay in a room with a young cub.

So being an older woman, if you are dating a young cub, you must know few things that might disturb your cougar dating relationship with that guy. If you really want to enjoy your cougar dating relationship with that guy, follow these important things that you must not do while dating a young cub. Here are few things that you must take care –

Commanding again and every time will ruin your relationship – it is quite okay that you want everything in perfection but understand that he is also trying hard to do thing in a right way. He is not as mature as you but still trying his best. Stop commanding him again and for everything. If you are doing this in regular manner, it is quite understood that he may leave you very soon and you have to find another guy to date.

Must listen to your cougar partner also – being a cougar women and bear all expenses, it doesn’t mean that you are always in commanding position and your decision is always the final one. Give time to listen to your young cub also. There might be chances that he have much better plans than you and you and this will only increase the fun in your travel vacation. So, must give time to listen your cougar partner as well.

He is not your sex slave – if you thinks that you are taking care of all her expenses because you want him as your sex slave, than you are completely wrong this time. In cougar dating, you both are equally important. He is not your sex slave. Respect his emotions and try to understand his situation also.

Wear clothes like a teen age girl – it is quite okay that you are dating a teen age guy but it doesn’t mean that you are a teen age girl and wear the same clothes like other teen age girls. It looks weird and you will be a laughing stoke in front of others. So it is quite mandatory to wear the outfits that suites you best.

Partying hard – you are regularly going out with young cub for party and you are enjoying a lot with him. But you must know that you are not that young anymore to partying hard and enjoying late nights. It may affect your body and your health too. So, take care of yourself and your health first.

These are the important thing that you need to know before dating a young cub