What to do if Your Wife Wants to Have a Threesome?

Every one woman in five wants to have a couples dating with two men. However, for most people, such fantasy only exists in their subconscious, which will turn them on occasionally. If your wife wants to have a threesome and bring it up to you, how to help her achieve her dream?

Two men and one woman

Women love to be center of attention, especially when it is from males. Being surrounded and praised by males are always pleasant experiences. Just imagine yourself with two beautiful women. Amazing, isn’t it? Don’t you want to sleep with them in the same time? Have two pretty women a time who focus on you with full heart. You have all the attention from the two women. The case is the same for women. Try a couple dating with your wife with another man might not sounds easy for you. All men are possessive and jealous by nature. You can try let her invite another heterosexual man in. You can definitely give her an unforgettable threesome experience. Your wife can completely relax herself without any jealousy emotions. Therefore, try to find peace with yourself and let her. Your wife will become more confident and freer after a threesome hookup.

Two women and one man

If your wife wants to have a threesome with another girl, that would be a great bonus for you. This is the ultimate sexual fantasy of most men in the world. Men are more of polyamorous supporter than women. Maybe your woman just wants you to have fun in this way, but before you agree to that, make sure to evaluate yourself. Are you able to bring pleasure for two women? You can have some drinking before, but make sure to balance it. You don’t want your fantasy to be ruined by a drunker. When a couple is going to have a threesome, so not forget your skills. After all, you are probably going to be the center of this threesome hookup party. You need to make sure everyone is equally taken care of and satisfied.

By the way, do not bring in too much expectations. It may be a buzz-killer during the process. Do not think about the scene in movies or porn. Try to have fun in the things you are having. Try to create your own porn. Take a good control of the foreplay and try to satisfy everyone. There is one thing that should be noticed. If you are penetrating a girl, the other one might be left out by you. Therefore, you need to think thorough to make sure everyone is included in every moment. A smart solution for this is to rob and kiss a girl while you penetrate the other one. This can also enable you to acquire ultimate orgasm.

The most important of all. Leave your bedroom things behind the door and never let it spread away. Trust each other. Make sure to let the third person know that you have a very happy life and swinger lifestyle with your partner and have no intention to make any change.